GR Tess 


Registrations: ABCA 385709

Whelping date: 9/7/12

Color: Black & White   Coat: Smooth

Health testing: CEA clear    Hips: Good

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GR TESS ABCA # 385709 (whelped 9/7/12) is a black and white smooth coated female. She has good hips and is clear for CEA.


Tess has been a joy to us over the years. Her drive is pretty high which she got from both dam GR Lightening (belonging to Jenny Garrison of Garrison Ranches), and BC Skookum her sire. She is a super herding dog who works intensely but quietly and is very responsive to commands. She and Rhett are our 'go-to' dogs when it comes to real work on the ranch. Other than being obsessed with the cat, she is a sweetie for personality.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am.


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