Registrations: ABCA 466182

Whelping date: 12/7/17

Color: Tri-Color Black & White   Coat: Medium

Health testing: Hips OFA Good,  DNA Panel clear except for CEA carrier.

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Our long, lean and fast girl, Gwyn is a nice combination of bold, friendly and outgoing temperament. A sweet, bold girl, Gwyn is a match to Rhett in every way - they have already had one litter together and the pups have proven to be just wonderful! Like Rhett, Gwyn is an 8 in temperament and an 8 in drive. Gwyn is very biddable and attentive and willing to go to stock.


Her sire is Rob Roy bred by Louie McDowell in Kansas..(imported Yankee and Imported Liz lines), along with Ettrick Tweed lines, and her dam > U Lena, bred by Michelle Lanham from Broken Circle lines going back to BC WIZZ, Broken Circle Sue,  BC Creasy and Geordon Shep. 


We have decided to call it OVER after 33 years of breeding Border Collies.  So Miss Gwyn is for Sale.  Contact us for pricing and info.      

There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.

Konrad Lorenz