Our dogs are high on both drive and bold temperaments. On a scale for Drive 1-10, (one being a 'couch potato' and 10 being 'no off button') we strive for an 8 or 9. On a scale for Temperament 1-10, (1 being shy and fearful and 10 being bold and unafraid) we strive for 7 to 8.5 (too bold and you get aggressive).


• Rhett is a perfect 8/8

• Tess is an 8.5 drive and an 8 for temperament

• Gwyn is a perfect 8/8


Our aim in breeding Border Collies is to have an all around type of dog that has the drive to 'get the job done' whether it is herding stock or doing dog sports like agility, dock diving or hiking, and Search and Rescue dogs. At the same time we want them to be the sort of dog who can be with children, do dog therapy in a nursing home, or loved companion. We do not breed for a particular color or size but we do have a variety in both catagories as 'icing on the cake'. Take care of what the dog IS inside, and the outside can be a big variety of traits.

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My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,

it comes from the love that's in my dog's eyes.

Meet The Dogs

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2012 Red Tri Rough Coat Male

RR Marley x Bailey

2017 Red & White Smooth Coat Female

Clyde x Tre

2017 Tri-Color Black & White Medium Coat Female

Rob Roy x >U Lena


2012 Black & White Smooth Coat Female

B-C Skookum x GR Lightening